Those dang liberal bullies!

We need to beat up all the bullies.

I took to my Facebook page with the righteous indignation of a woman who has been wronged. It feels good! It's my favorite feeling. I love calling out bullies. I love to make them feel stupid in public. I love haranguing bullies with my words, shaking my finger in their faces. If I could, I would go to every leftist bully in America and I would give them wedgies, or pants them, or duct tape them to the flagpole. Yeah! Bullies suck!

I have been such a victim of the Left's bullying over the years. Oh, it saddens my heart to think about it. How could they say such things about one of God's children like myself? Obviously they are evil and mean and wrong, and they deserve to be mocked and vilified and maybe pitied a little bit at the end, but not too much. Eventually if you push back against a bully hard enough, they just shut up and go away and maybe cry themselves to sleep, I don't know and I don't care. Never really thought about it.
They say mean things about my kids, too. Have you seen the mean things they say about Bristol? My daughter is just a faithful, hardworking American who chose to keep her baby, doing God's work out there in the world, and the Left just tears her apart for it. They are so mean, those bullies! I want to punch them in the face. They deserve the worst kind of punishment. (Bristol needed that plastic surgery to help her jaw align properly! It was basically a medical procedure!)
Let me tell you about the time I stood up to a bully. My sister's ex-husband, he was a classic bully. After their divorce, I was determined that he would never hurt my sister or my family again. So I had him fired! Believe me, nothing feels good like using your power as the governor of Alaska to harass your sister's ex-husband and get him fired from his job. I love standing up to bullies like that! It's such a rush.
Like the man says, we have to push back twice as hard against the Left's bullying. We have to fortify our siege mentality, it's us against them! And them are going to lose, because we are bigger and stronger and we do this kind of thing for a living. The Left doesn't stand a chance!

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Disclaimer: This site is a work of satire.

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Slandering is bullying and liberals know all about that. When you opine on a blog about people you don't know and create false stories, that is slandering.


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